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Born in Italy from a network of highly talented and experienced professionals who have for many years been providing the very best advice and consultation to clients both nationally and internationally, Sintesi is now the clear market leader in developing and implementing the widest range of financial, insurance and business consulting services under the same platform for local, national and international markets.
Through an extensive network of affiliates around the world, The Sintesi Group, its associated companies and partners are operative in the following areas:
Important information
Hound Forex Trading System
The automated trading system HOUND FOREX is a direct application to the asset management activity on the financial markets of an algorithm based on The Chaos Theory, founded, as it is known, on deterministic non linear mathematical models. The HOUND FOREX system from the 1th April 2013 is available on the market for institutionals.

  • Press Release

    This to communicate the successful closing of the test phase of HOUND FOREX, an automatic management system applied to the Forex market created in 2010 by the Sintesi Group.

    Sintesi  |  June 5th 2013  |