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Press Release 05/06/2013
This to communicate the successful closing of the test phase of HOUND FOREX, an automatic management system applied to the Forex market created in 2010 by the Sintesi Group.
Press Release 20/08/2010
This to communicate the set up, within the Sintesi Group, of the company Unity Financial Partners srl, already company branch of Sintesi Spa since the year 2009.
The new Company, on which will be focus all consulting and brokerage activities for "Expates" (foreigners resident in a foreign country), is the result of a significant increase in activity started early last year by the Group in partnership with the british international consultant Paul Redmond.
Press Release 28/04/2010
On April 23, 2010, in the wonderful setting of the Principality of Monaco, there was the important event organized by the Sintesi Group and the Association L.A.L.F. to celebrate the 95th anniversary of Master Louis Frosio.
...The Sintesi Group confirms the special attention to a growing international presence, serving as a privileged partner for companies and professionals interested in enter, or strengthen their presence in foreign markets.
Press Release 26/03/2010
In the wonderful setting of the Principality of Monaco, the Sintesi Group has organized a major gala event next April 23rd.
The most important Monaco’s people will be present to the event, that will celebrate the centenary of the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco and the 95th anniversary of master Louis Frosio.
Sintesi Professional Assistance 06/08/2009
This to communicate an important innovation that will characterize as from 1 September the entire supply of the Sintesi Group.
The product called SINTESI PROFESSIONAL ASSISTANCE is an innovative consulting contract that will become the reference product for companies and is the necessary basis for access to all services of the platform...
New Group structure 19/01/2009
This to communicate some important news, result of a significant process of expansion and reorganization started some months ago, necessitated by new important activities of the Group and by the activity already initiated and outlined as Holding Company...
Bulgaria 22/10/2008
Sintesi SpA the first and sole independent network integrated in franchising of financial, real estate and insurance consultancy, in the sphere of the company’s strategic development plan directed to the internationalization of markets and enterprises, has started the formation of a professional structure, whose aim is the implementation of a concrete and real institutional and operational activity of import-export trade and strategic development in Italy and in Bulgaria for the benefit of Italian and Bulgarian enterprises...
Senior Advisor 30/09/2008
This is to comunicate some important operative news that affect our controlled Sintesi Financial Network Srl, which will strengthen the franchise system with the aim to increase and develop the activities of affiliated agencies to acquire and consolidate relations of cooperation with professionals of high standing who increasingly are looking for product platforms and services for optimal management of customers...
Capital Increase 25/06/2008
With this news we want to communicate the transformation occurred in SpA and the increase in share capital from € 100,000 to € 1 million of the parent company Sintesi srl. Since 24/06/2008 the Sintesi srl has indeed become Sintesi spa. This transaction represents an important step in the process of growth undertaken, aiming to achieve leadership in the market for financial advice and independent distribution.
Tendance & Life Style International – Monaco 27 may 2011
On April 23, 2010 in the wonderful setting of the Principality of Monaco, there was the important event organized by the Sintesi Group and the Association L.A.L.F. to celebrate the 95th anniversary of Master Louis Frosio.
Milano Finanza 14 marzo 2009
Sintesi spa, il network indipendente integrato in franchising di consulenza finanziaria, aziendale, immobiliare ed assicurativa con base a Messina, ha varato un nuovo assetto...
Il Sole 24 Ore Sud 03 settembre 2008
Gli Arabi puntano gli occhi sulla Sicilia, in particolare sul settore turistico-alberghiero di fascia alta con campi da golf e centri benessere. Vengono da Bahrein ed Emirati Arabi e li guida una giovane società messinese, Sintesi Consult SpA, nata nel 2004 come srl nel panorama della consulenza assicurativa...
Milano Finanza Sicilia 23 maggio 2008
Investire in paesi arabi o in prodotti che vengono dalla finanza araba, in epoca di crisi finanziaria occidentale, porebbe essere una buona alternativa.
Il Mondo 14 dicembre 2007
Trasformazione da srl in spa, aumento di capitale da 100 mila a 250 mila euro, nuova sede a Milano e, soprattutto, iscrizione come intermediario finanziario non bancario presso l'Ufficio Italiano Cambi, secondo l'art. 106 del testo unico della finanza.